Construction & Modelling in 3D Design

Developing CAD data and data enhancement fort he actual 3D print

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We are offering the one-stop-shop for your 3D printing needs. Starting with the choice of the optimal 3D printing technology as well as choosing the right material. We are taking care of the development of the 3D models for different format types in order to deliver the best 3D printing results.

Construction / Design:

In case you are looking for a functional model, or would like to produce a mini-series, exact dimensions are key. Based on our construction know-how, we are producing CAD models based on your exact needs. Depending on the application, this might also be parametric construction. Again, depending on your application, we are making sure we find the optimal material as well as wall thickness catering to your specific needs. 3D printing is delivering you endless dimensions of production: bionic optimization, multi-curved surfaces and undercuts, all made possible with 3D printing.

Applicable to: industry prototypes, design prototypes, mini-series production.

3d designs


When it comes to delivering a high quality exhibition model, Richtig Druck is the partner to choose. Building on our long-lasting experience in graphical modelling, we are using all relevant insights such as fotos, discussions, videos or sketches in order to make your idea a reality. Clearly, we can add any kind of colour, company logos, images or textures in order to ensure your corporate identity is perfectly represented. With our 3D printer being design for exactly that, we turn your ideas into reality. There are almost no limits to form or colour. If your looking for organic forms, bodies, faces, comic figures or any other objects you can imagine, Richtig Druck 3D printing is making it a reality.
Application areas: art, commercials, education, research