Construction and 3D Modelling.
Developing CAD data and bionic optimization.

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We offer the one-stop shop full package to make your ideas a 3D reality. This includes needs-based consultation with regard to the right printing technology as well as material selection. We also take care of optimizing your 3D data, no matter which data type, to ensure the best results.

Construction / Design:

When aiming for a functional 3D model, or even looking at producing a smaller patch, the exact dimensions are everything! Utilizing our parametrical design know-how, we build the CAD model according to your needs. Moreover, depending on your needs and application, we jointly define the optimal material as well as material thickness in order to deliver best in class results. 3D printing is offering you a whole new dimension in design and construction. Using bionic optimization even multi-curved surfaces and undercuts are possible.

3d designs


If your aiming for a representative and colourful display model, Richtig Druck is the company to talk to. We are building our success on a long-lasting experience of graphical modelling. Based on images, videos or scribbles, we make your ideas reality! Want to add colour, want to a company logo? Sure, our 3D printer technology is optimized for these kind of customization needs. With almost no boundaries set to colour or form, be it an organic form, a body or your comic hero, Richtig Druck is making your ideas reality!
If you need any kind of informations, please feel free to contact our specialists in 3D designs and 3D services – Richtig Druck.