Whatever your need is with regard to 3D printing, Richtig Druck in Hamburg is the right choice for any kind of 3D services.

3D services

Situated in the beautiful northern part of Germany, we are your key point of contact to handle all your 3D printing requests. Whether you need a full coloured presentation model made of polymer plaster or a functional model made of laser sintered plastic, Richtig Druck is the right choice for 3D services. Our process includes the technical optimization of the construction data as well as guidance and support with regard to the right 3D printing technology. It goes without saying that we finetune and finalize the model manually in order to provide you with a top notch results.

3d services
3D Prototypen


Agile product development and functional prototypes
Out functional models and prototypes are made from high performance plastics, directly being built via laser sintering straight out of your CAD data.

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3D Figur


The fast and easy way to receive your 3D figure. Thanks to our unique SmartScanning process, building your very won 3d figure has become even more easy. Take a movie of yourself, send it to us, we print and refine it, and here you go with your 3D figure!

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3D Gebäudescan


Our latest hit: thanks to our drone scanning technology, we are able to scan even very large buildings, digitalize them and print them fully 3 dimensional. With dronecan technology, the sky is the limit for 3D object printing.

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3D Farbdruck


Your beloved and very own objects as a coloured 3D model? Here you go! We are tailoring the respective scanning and printing technology to your needs, whether you would like to print a building, a chair or your car. Thanks to our know how in 3D printing, the choice is yours!

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3D Design


Starting with the very first design sketch, towards the development and delivery of your very own prototype, thanks to our high performance team including engineers, developers, designers along with our portfolio of 3D printers, everything is possible. Your point of contact for 3D printing of any choice? RICHTIG DRUCK!

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