3D printing Hamburg

From product development, to prototyping or producing a mini-series, RICHTIG DRUCK is your professional partner when it comes to 3D printing. 

Richtig Druck is offering you a broad product & service portfolio from 3D scan, design to 3D printing solutions. We provide coloured prototypes made from polymerplaster or construction applications made from lasersintered polymers (SLS), 3D scans of objects, persons or large buildings up to the complete design, development, construction and optimization of digital models for the final 3D printing process. Our services furthermore include the advice with regard to the selection of the best suited printing technology as well as finetuning of the actual printed model in order to make your idea a sophisticated and outstanding tangible product. In case of any questions please feel free to contact our team via the email, phone or using the contact form. Please also check out the latest news section or follow us on facebook or instagram in order to gain an insights into the latest projects! RICHTIG DRUCK – your 3D experts from Hamburg!

Prototypes & Mini-Series

Functional prototypes, covers and spares

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Construction & Modelling in 3D Design

Developing CAD data and data enhancement fort he actual 3D print

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Architecture and industry applications

From aerial shots to 3D Models

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Figures, sculptures and duplicates

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3D-colour print

Colour up your life!

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Maintaining a close relationship we are guiding our customers from the first idea to the final product printed in 3D. Please find a selection of our highlight below.