From aerial shots to 3D models.

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Drone-based aerial shots delivering your 3D models

Pure Innovation – scanning architecture, delivering 3D models! Dronescan.

Richtig Druck’s latest hit, print your entire building! Made possible by drone-based aerial scans, we are now able to scan entire buildings and large-scale architecture and produce the respective 3D printed model. With this new approach and technology, the opportunities are literally endless, the sky is the limit.

3D Gebäudescan


Aerial shots to 3D models, this is RICHTIG DRUCK. Operating the professional Yuneec scan drones, or drone pilots are delivering ultra-HD images of any objects. Along the scanning process, the drone is circling the objects for several times. Your objects stays in focus, thanks to a 12 megapixel 360° camera attached to a 3-axis vibration gimbal. You need an aerial shot for your next movie project, you’re more than welcome to talk to us!

3D Bearbeitung

PC modelling

Based on the aerial shot, our graphics department is building the 3D model. This is done via a dedicate software and associated processes. Supercomputers are performing the rendering. Based on point-clouds, topologies will be developed, specific details will be added and surfaces will be repaired and textured. In case of need, we are also able to offer a 360° virtual reality model of your object.

3D Printing

3D printing

Layer by layer your object is becoming a 3D printed reality. With 390.000 available colours and a resolution of 0,1mm, we are able to highlight and print even the smallest detail picture perfect! Due to our very own refinement stages we are able to apply both high performance resins as well as UV-resistant varnish in order finish the print.


3D printing of the future

Thanks to our cooperation partner Yuneec Europe, we are able to scan objects and building with professional drones delivering 4K UltraHD quality, utilizing every single frame for the 3D print.

Dronescan Elbphilharmonie Miniatur 3D

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg becoming a 3D model

We were honoured to be invited to scan and print the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Check out the image video on the right for more details!

Dronescan Elbphilharmonie

Von der Luftaufnahme zum 3D Modell…
Genau das macht RICHTIG DRUCK – 3D-Druck in Hamburg. Mit Hilfe des Typhoon Q500 4K oder dem neuen Typhoon H wird das Objekt (z.B. Gebäude) aufgenommen und anschließend digitalisiert.
Zum Schluss kommt ein fertiges Modell aus dem 3D Drucker.
Yuneec Europe GmbH


Globe panorama – your very own bird’s eye view!

Thanks to our professional drones we offer you images or videos from a whole new perspective – your very own bird’s eye perspective. Looking for a construction or building documentation in 4k-resolution, RICHTIG DRUCK’s dronescan is your product.
Our globes constitute our very latest and exclusive products. A dedicated object or area is set into focus and will be filmed along in the context of its environment. These images will be refined and adjusted to become a “globe”. We already offer a wide range of globe-images from Hamburg for you to order. Thanks to the high resolution performance, globes can be released up to a scale of 1,5 x 1,5m in high gloss quality. Prices for our globes available on request.

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