RICHTIG DRUCK stands for a close cooperation with its customers and guidance from the very first idea until the realization of your very own product.
Thank you for your trust and cooperation!

Lampuga 3D Printing

Which propeller or stator is providing the best propulsion? This was a key question with respect to the product optimization of Lampuga. Lampuga is producer or premium electrical surfboards. The market is mainly made up [...]

Yuneec Typhoon

Needing to produce a fast charging device for the new Yuneec Typhoon H Drone ? This is exactly where the strength of Richtig Druck came in to play. Providing the complete product development process, starting with the [...]

CiteTec Kitebar

The CiteTec Ultron Kitebar is offering a whole bunch of new features – maximum flexibility for grabs without annoying ropes, bionic optimization of 3D printed tail ends as well as a combination of the most [...]

Beach Motel St. Peter-Ording

Holding your surfer van in your very hand? This is exactly what the Beach Motel in St. Peter Ording wanted. After having scanned and printed the entire Beach Motel staff in 3D, we wanted to [...]

Merck Company

In the process of a re-branding, the Merck company wanted to display microbiological organisms as pieces of art. We modelled these organisms in 3D and finally printed them as pieces of art, such as lamps.

Thomas iPunkt

Thomas IPunkt 3D printing for artists Rotations, movements, emotions. This is what Thomas iPunkt wanted to represent with its new fragrance and „...somehow, we have to utilize the 3D printing technology!“ The right job for Richtig [...]