Project Description

Which propeller or stator is providing the best propulsion? This was a key question with respect to the product optimization of Lampuga. Lampuga is producer or premium electrical surfboards. The market is mainly made up of yacht owners. Clearly, there was no place for a compromise. But then how do I find the right component optimization and which is the most suitable production process?
Complex forms, curved blades and undercuts constituted the biggest hurdles – a true challenge. So far, the components had been milled and were made up of a variety of smaller components. Now, with the application of 3D printing, the component is constructed in a single piece, straight out of the 3D printer. A new version, every week! After having completed the 6th version, the stator, the profile thickness, angle of attack and radii were fully optimized and we were able to kick off the first small batch. In total, the entire product optimization only lasted 6 weeks.